3 Top Tips to grow your popularity

Hello Jorge,

Inspired by many questions but even more by feedback we received today:
Thrilled Customer – Very Nice – Grow my popularity…”

The fastest growing and upcoming super heroes in Xeesm are

Jorge Purgly 23,621 visits
Mary Lascelles 8,825 visits

Just think about it – Jorge and Mary created an audience and received over 23,000 or over 8,000 visits respectively. Not SEO driven visitors of often random IP addresses, not autofollowers, but people with a genuine interest.

What can you do to increase your popularity?

Some tips for the weekend:

1) Help others to find you
Whenever you comment on a blog post, video or any other site, make your Xeesm your signature. PLEASE – this is not to just gain visitors. The purpose is to help others getting in touch with you; gaining visitors is just the measurable result of it.

2) Add your Xeesm outside the box
Start with your email signature. The traditional way for somebody to respond is by replying to your email or checking a static website. Let people choose to go on any of the places THEY may like to interact with you. Rather than adding an endless list of all your social places, groups, sites, communities, just add your Xeesm.

Don’t forget to add your Xeesm to your own bookmark list on DIGG or Delicious, StumbleUpon etc. and check the Google Link on your profile to register your Xeesm with Google.

On your blog you may want to embed the plugin or the new  MiniXeesm

3) Add all your contacts
Check the Xeesm top 10:  Andrew Baker,  Jorge PurglyGianluigi CuccuredduJim TeeterBarbara A. Daniels, Mary LascellesWendy SoucieBhojaraju GunjalChris Collings or Mike Dubrall. One of thebiggest booster for our top Xeesm’er was uploading their contacts. Just go to IMPORT FRIENDS and upload your LinkedIn contacts, or your Outlook, Google or Yahoo address book.

Keep in mind you invest in your own personal brand identity – no matter who you work for or which company you run.
Please share what you did to grow your popularity: on our Facebook Page or in the Xeesm User Group on LinkedIn.

I wish you a wonderful weekend – and if the weather is bad, a good time to build up your personal brand. 🙂


Axel Schultze


I guess Wendy Soucie just set the stage when she commented on Facebook:
“Next goal is 50,000 Xeesm user by the end of March!”


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2 Respostas to “3 Top Tips to grow your popularity”

  1. Adelson (Gerenciando Blog) Says:

    Olá, Jorge!

    Que ótima notícia! Parabéns por ter conquistado um número tão impressionante! É mesmo motivo para muito orgulho.

    Parabéns pelo resultado extraordinário!

    Um abraço!

  2. purgly Says:

    Oi Adelson, obrigado pelo incentivo e pelo post.
    Graças a este resultado fui convidado a fazer um curso no Social Media Academy e estou aproveitando bastante.
    Um forte abraço,

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