32000 visits to my social map.Thanks!

Hello Jorge,

This is an especially exciting announcement.  The Xeesm AppsWorld Platform is live.

First: Congratulations to Jorge Purgly

Jorge Purgly made it No.1 in the Xeesm Wall Of Fame. With over 32,000 visits to his Xeesm he took over and made long time No.1 Andrew Baker second.

An interesting race has developed between Jim Teeter (No.4) and Gianluigi Cuccureddu(No.5) both with around 17,000 visits to their Xeesm. Both are world class recruiter and top social media architects.

Why is this all important? Your Xeesm is your most powerful web destination. But more so, it is also your Social Address Book for reaching out to others. There is nothing like your Xeesm!

Social assets = popularity!

1) Social Address Book
Use Xeesm as your “Social Address Book”. Fax numbers and street addresses are no longer really relevant. The most vibrant places and spaces of your contacts which you have in your Xeesm are becoming your number one asset. Top networker can visit more people more easily in just one hour with Xeesm than through any other tool!

2) Upload your contacts
Add all your contacts to your Xeesm. Just upload your Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo address book. Over time add the social sites of your contacts and make it one of your most valuable business assets.

3) Visit 50 of your contacts a day
Only with Xeesm you will be able to visit 50 of your most important contacts every day – in just less than an hour. Leave a quick note, make a comment, favorite what you like… you don’t need to be a blog author to be social. Check out the new “Relationship Selling Training” at the Social Media Academy.

Upgrade to PRO – (remains to be free) and get access to FLIGHTS

New Release – Xeesm 1.0

1) Your personal Xeesm will remain to be free – forever.
2) Introducing Xeesm/BIZ with further enhancements to FLIGHTS
3) With the introduction of the AppsWorld Platform, you are able to leverage your social connections in many more ways.

Learn all about the new features on our blog.

Thanks and xee you soon

Axel Schultze
(my social map)


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