100,000 Visits on my pages, thank you!

100,000 Visits on my pages, thank you!

Dear reader,
Your visits on my pages, added to other readers
totaled 100,000 visits.
Thank you, dear reader!AdSense Google Service EnvelopeDear reader, vote on TopBlog 2010, on my Blogger blogs.
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Thank you dear reader!
Counters recorded on May 15, 2010, morning
the following views:
Page Rank Level Focus
3       60 587 visits http://xeesm.com/JorgePurgly My social map
http://purgly.blogspot.com 4209 visits 2 Developing social
http://universotrade.blogspot.com 4652 visits 2 Fraternity Cristiana
3312 visits http://mastersuno.blogspot.com 0 Improving the environment
http://konektigi.blogspot.com 4580 visits 2 Conquer more income
Strengthen http://drbachflower.blogspot.com 6963 visits a health
http://biometrio.blogspot.com 15 724 visits 2 Knowing one’s own body

Total visits 100 277. Thanks!
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(This blog represent additional visits and are out of the statistics above.)


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