As You Plan…

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Dear Teacher/Love Teacher

Dear Teacher,

A new week approaches.  A new performance.  A new show.  A new presentation.

You do the research.  You make the plans.  You write the script.  You learn your part.  You practice, practice, practice (even if only in your mind).

You do your best to be ready for when the curtain opens.

You breathe through the Sunday night “butterflies” as the time to go “on” is only hours away.

This is the weekend for you, a teacher.

Breathe, Teacher.  Breathe.

And let some of the worries go.

Let them go?




Because you know that as soon as you step in the door on Monday, your plans will already be changed.  You know that you can never really know what the week will throw at you.  You will have to monitor.  You will have to adjust.  And just when your adjustments are adjusted, you will have to…

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