About me

Now I am teaching Negociation Technics for Buyers and Leadership for Sales people.

About me and my family.

I was born in São Paulo, SP Brazil in 1956 and I live since 2001 in Blumenau, SC in the south of Brazil. I have two nacionalities, brazilian and hungarian, like my sons. They was born in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. My wife was born in norteast of Brazil in Limoeiro, PE. She is blond and descendent of Holands, Portuguese and Indians. My mother lives in São Paulo, SP. I speak fluently Portuguese, English, Spanish, Hungarian, German and Esperanto.

For more than 25 years I am practicioner of Homeopatic Healing. For more than 10 years I am Floral Healing Practicioner.

My wife´s name is Catarina and we are married since 1980. We have two boys; one was born in 1982 and other in 1984. Both live with us and they work in Blumenau, SC, Brazil.

My Journey Mission Statement:

1- To offer to my family a sense of direction for live: healthy, peacefull and with prosperity.
2- To be helpfull to other people.
3- To meet motivated persons.
4- To have a challenging live.
5- To have professional and personal contacts with well humored, intelligent and educated people.
6- Keep always the meaning of learning and exchanging experience.
7- To develop the activities of my work.
8- Be a servant leader based on principles.
9- To develop a deep capacity to hear people and understand each ones point of wiew.
10- To develop a high sense of observation and understanding.
11- To be a good example to other people.
12- To keep my work inspiring.
13- To have a balanced diet and a healthier way of live.
14- To reduce the stress, be happy and enjoy life.
15- To be in connection with my internal voice.

Act as teacher and speaker to companies of the century XXI.


 National and International activity on sales managing. Market search and business development in Brazil and other countries. Choose and development of distributors and sales representatives. Customer meetings. Exibitor on national and international fairs.
 Experience on order processing, factory interface and contract administration for distribution transformers. Inspection, expediting, final testing on electric equipment. Experience on contract managing of large size transformers.
 Strong experience in Export, Import, Sales, Marketing, Projects and Contracts in national and multinational companies in the segments of distribution transformers, telecommunications, thermal power plants, alternative energy systems, electronic components and industrial automation.
 Experience in diagnosis of the needs and implementation of sales systems, with the development of distributors and sales channels in Brazil and world wide.
 Ability in national and international negotiations, skilled at identifying customers’ needs, improving opportunities and implementing solutions. Experience on direct import and export of products for the markets of Europe, North America, Central America, Latin America, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Kênia, Accra and Ivory Coast, Africa.
 Double nationality, born in Brazil, son of parents of Hungary. Double passport: Brazilian and Hungarian (allowed by the two countries). Possibility of work in European Union.
 Large-sized contract management and project coordination experience.
 Competence for team work, under delivery pressures and in changing situations. Good people developer.
 International experience and fluency in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Hungarian. Good knowledge of German.
 Strong experience in sales on the national and international markets.

Sales Manager, Comercial Manager, Business Manager
UNIVERSO TRADE LTD. International Business – Blumenau, SC Brazil Oct.’00 – May ’05 , March’06 – August´06.

Contract Manager May ‘99–Oct. ‘00
Contract Coordinator May .’98–Apr. ’99
Sales Leader Mar ‘96–Apr.’98
SIEMENS LTDA. – Energy Division – Head office in Sao Paulo, SP

Sales Leader
MAXITEC S/A – Siemens Industrial Automation Division in Sao Paulo, SP Apr. ’94–Feb. ‘96
ICOTRON S/A – Siemens Electronics Components Division in Sao Paulo, SP Sep. ‘85–Mar. ‘94

Project Manager Engineer Jan. ‘80–Aug. ‘85
Sales engineer Jan. ’79–Dec. ‘79
ERICSSON S/A – Remote Locality Energy Division in Sao Bernardo do Campo, SP

Engineering trainee Jan. ‘77–Dec ‘.77
FMC do Brasil S/A in Sao Paulo, SP


Electrical Engineer. Mogi das Cruzes University – 1978
7 Disciplines of the MBA on International Commerce at FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Blumenau, SC on 2002.


 Negotiation – Marcio Miranda – Workshop – São Paulo, SP
 The 4 Leader Skills – Iussef Zaidan – Franklin Covey – São Paulo, SP
 Advanced job analysis and payment – Vanderley Silva – Promérito – São Paulo, SP
 Technical drawing interpretation – Reginaldo Lenzi – Lenzi Treinamentos – Timbó, SC
 Empretec – SEBRAE – ONU – Blumenau, SC

Graduated Assistant of the Dale Carnegie Courses in Blumenau, SC


Fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Hungarian. Good knowledge of German.


Possibility to work and live in any place or region in Brazil or abroad.


The union of our family is the the most important question.


1- Union: To be one family united and happy. To be together and evolute together.

2- Group winning: “One for all and all for one.”

3- To be happy we need:
3.1- Health
3.2- Harmony
3.3- Prosperity
3.4- Free leasure time with fun and good humor

4- We have to live well and to live well we need confort, return of investments and safety. We need:
4.1- One good house
4.2- One good car
4.3- One good computer
4.4- One good computer game
4.5- One good bank with a count with blue figures
4.6- Good nutrition
4.7- Actions that promote our joy to be alive

5- We need to demonstrate between us
5.1- Attention
5.2- Love
5.3- Comprehension
5.4- Care
5.5- Dedication
5.6- Help
5.7- Service

6- Continuous learning. We must lern more and know more.
6.1- Every one get an University Degree.
6.2- Fast informatic resources avaliable.
6.3- Learn by himself via Internet
6.4- Apply the knowlegde.

7- Finantial contribution
7.1- Everybody have to work inside and outside our home.
7.2- Everybody have to give continuous finantial contribution to the family.
7.3- Everybody search to be happy, fullfiled, clever and servant.

8- To give your best. Everybody have to give their best for the family. Every one has to be beloved by the family.

9- To be a good person. Everyone has to be a good person and to contribute with usefull and active service for the family and for the society.

10- To have a good saving. Everyone has to save expenses and contribute to increase slowly, gradualy and continuously our financial reserves on saving.


Jorge Purgly




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