Jorge Purgly´s Summary


Jorge Purgly’s Summary

Goal: Find and make industrial qualification of vendors and products for RFID in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Deep experience in product survey, marketing, sales, in Brazil and abroad, in B2B, Business to Business Industry, on the segments of logistics, medical and healthcare, mechanics, auto industry with ISO TS 16949, telecomunications, fotovoltaic solar energy, thermal solar energy, electronic components, telecommunications, components for informatics, export of collor sorting machines, franchising and store development, cashew nut machine selling, representative trainning, marketing and sales strategy for residencial buildings, company consulting and training, RFID industrial qualification.
Knowlege of languages: English, Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Esperanto.

Jorge Purgly’s Specialties:

Expediting, Contract Management, Project Management, Process Management, Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring, Training with in Industry



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