Dezembro 23, 2012

Artrotter's Blog

Al Museo del Novecento è stata da poco inaugurata una mostra sull’arte cinetica e programmata, eco di quella tenutasi cinquant’anni fa nella sede milanese della Olivetti, in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.
L’“Arte Programmata” unisce in se il concetto di movimento reale unito alla percezione indotta negli spettatori dai effetti ottici particolari come vediamo in questo interessante “Rilievo ottico dinamico” di Alberto Biasi.


Protagonisti di questo movimento alcuni gruppi artistici come il Gruppo N di Padova e Gruppo T di Milano.
Qui “Dinamica visuale” del Gruppo N, esecuzione di Toni Costa.

Legati a quest’esperienza anche artisti come :Bruno Munari, Enrico Castellani, Enzo Mari, Getulio Alviani qui con il suo “Rilievo speculare ad elementi curvi”


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Dezembro 23, 2012

Harold's Garden

funny-gun-people-09I carefully read the response to the Newtown tragedy from Wayne LaPierre and the NRA.  Even as a gun owner, I felt a bit of revulsion upon my first reading.  As a Texas country boy, guns have always been a part of my everyday world.  We were taught to be careful but not afraid of guns.  I have enjoyed hunting and really get the connection between animals dying and me eating.  Occasionally I have even known the name of the primary contributor to my meal.

Still the idea of even more armament is a bit tough for me to accept.  I don’t like the idea of an escalating arms race trying to make sure the good guys have better weapons than the bad guys.  I am unsure there is any evidence that increasing guards really will reduce violence.  If we add that many new guards; will friendly fire, mistakes, misunderstanding, and…

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Dezembro 22, 2012

Dezembro 21, 2012

The Moderate Man

The way I start my day has an important impact on its course. It is therefore important for me to take good habits to get ready to face my daily obligations in a fun and relaxing way.

I like to get up early in the morning. It is quiet and I love the silence. When I wake up, I do this little ritual to start my day on a good note.

The first words I say are directed towards me:

Hello Richard, it will be a beautiful day today. You will have a good one and remember to have fun!


I also like to read those wise words by the Dalai Lama :

Today I am fortunate to have woken up,
I am alive, I have a precious human life,
I am not going to waste it
I am going to use
All my energies to develop myself.


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Dezembro 20, 2012

Dezembro 20, 2012

Storytelling Pro

When you think of inspiration, what comes to mind?  Creative writing has so much to do with finding that spark and igniting the right fire.  It also has a lot to do with the flow of writing and the mood you’re in.  But how do a lot of writers go about setting this mood?

One of the biggest things you can do for inspiration is to Travel.  Traveling is a simple means for a writer to express themselves.  Not simple in the fact that many could afford to do so, simple in the fact that it does wonders for inspiration.  Why does this work?

Perhaps the biggest reason this works, is because a lot of times writers just want to get away.  Getting away from everything, everyone, and disconnecting yourself from the web for a while, will help you get into that mood.  This works by giving you a reason…

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Dezembro 19, 2012

Chris Dee's Cat-Tales Blog

Hello.  My Name is Chris.  I am a Fake Nerd.

Confessions of a Fake Nerd

For the benefit of newcomers, at some point over the summer, some squeaky wheel in comics started picking on fangirls cosplaying at conventions, saying they didn’t know enough about the fandom, the medium, the characters they dressed up as… or something like that.  They were “fake nerds.”  (I think there was also something about seducing virgins with their above-average but not exceptional tits, but to be honest, I haven’t bothered to delve into this whole thing.)

Point is, I believed myself to be a real nerd for quite some time because puberty came and went and I still liked comic books.  Also Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, because duh, I am alive on the planet, but also Babylon 5 which I thought was far enough out of the mainstream to count.  It’s true I still can’t…

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Dezembro 16, 2012


Barcelona 4-1 Atletico Madrid Adriano goal 1-1Fútbol Club Barcelona moved nine points clear at the top of La Liga after beating second-placed Atlético Madrid 4-1 at Camp Nou tonight. It might have been a very different story after Diego Simeone’s side clearly had the better of the first half an hour with the always dangerous Radamel Falcao putting the visitors in front. However, a splendid strike from Adriano Correira brought Barça level before Sergio Busquets put Barça ahead on the stroke of half time. Leo Messi had had a quiet first half but he struck twice in the second half to secure the points for Barça and take his goal tally for 2012 to the ridiculous figure of 90. With third-placed Real Madrid now thirteen points adrift after drawing 2-2 with Espanyol there are many who will say the Liga is already in the bag though with 22 games still to play there is still a…

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Dezembro 16, 2012

Dezembro 16, 2012

Eav Daily Tips

Today’s interesting best active new starters since last roll-over! Buying them now could save you a substantial amount of eaves, before next Roll-Over at 10:30 AM UTC (GMT) ended.

I have selected them and invested based on my own experience, activity and it’s definitely not an automatic process!

They will start with better div’s and will rise interesting share points at least, during next roll-over..
So new nice profitable New Starters to engage with.

This post could be updated with last starters, till 8:20 AM UTC (GMT), the time that Roll-Over will Start.

EA Link Current Share Activity 19.81 *** 19.53 *** 14.50 *** 16.65 *** 11.23 ** 15.07 ** 14.67 ** 17.16 ** 15.24 ** 20.26 ** 15.34 ** 18.23 ** 16.79 ** 17.11 ** 15.29 ** 15.15 ** 14.84 ** 14.28

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